This dye is a mix of dyes from three sources: Alkanet, Madder and Pomegranate.


Alkanet is a very attractive purple colourant that is found in the roots of plants belonging to the borage family. It grows uncultivated throughout central Europe and extends to central Asia and North Africa.

Madder is one of the oldest dyestuffs known. It is most frequently used to produce turkey reds, mulberry, orange-red, terracotta, and in combination with other dyes and dyeing procedures can yield crimson, purple, rust, browns, and near black. The primary dye component is alizarin, which is found in the roots of several plants and trees. Madder is cultivated and grows wild throughout India, south east Asia, Turkey, Europe, south China, parts of A1024px-Rubia_tinctorum_002frica, Australia and Japan. Madder is a complex dyestuff containing over 20 individual chemical substances. Alizarin is the most important of these because it gives the famous warm Turkey red colour. Also present in this wonderful plant is munjistin, purpurin, and a multitude of yellows and browns.

Pomegranate is an extract or a powder from the rinds of pomegranates Punica granatum , this dyestuff is high in tannin and improves the light and washfastness of any dye with which it is mixed. In India and south-east Asia it is used as both a dye and a mordant.

scarves with this dye

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